Free download Teradata to Oracle Express Ispirer SQLWays 6.0 Migration Tool

Teradata to Oracle Express Ispirer SQLWays 6.0 Migration Tool

SQLWays converts DDL, schema, data, stored procedures, triggers, embedded SQL and database API as well as applications
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30 May 2014

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This is a software tool and migration process from Teradata to Oracle Express.

SQLWays is the software tool that automates database conversion. This tool as well as the customization services available from the publishers, ensures high levels of automation of the entire migration process. You can use services available to get Teradata databases converted to Oracle Express database. Free services are offered on a small set of data as initial evaluation by the customer. Full process is demonstrated to ensure customer understands all the issues related to the full conversion process. Customer is enabled to take the right decision about the target platform, migration tools and methodologies. Consulting, SQLWays fixes are offered as proof of the efficacy of the process supported by live experts of the agency. The entire gamut of DDL to server-side business logic and front-end application conversion is covered in the process. Highly consistent results can be expected from this integrated process that covers database schema/DDL, server-side business logic (procedures, triggers etc.), database migration, data transfer and validation, front-end applications and scripts as well as application conversion.

An accumulated bank of more than 40,000 test cases is available for verifying the conversion results. The team uses internal conversion languages and IDE. There is no middleware used in the conversion process. The SQLWays software tool support covers the largest number of databases including all the leading and most legacy databases. They are able to generate readable and maintainable code. Best practices of the target platform are used rather than emulating the legacy system. Standalone SQL statements, functions, scripts and various code fragments are easily generated. This is a very good tool.

Publisher's description

The full version of SQLWays Database and Application Migration Tool can control the entire migration cycle providing high automation of all migration phases.
SQLWays converts stored procedures, functions, triggers, database schema (DDL), data, views, etc. The tool is especially useful when you need to transfer large data volumes over a short or limited period of time. SQLWays is a very flexible tool, which can be easily customized for any migraiton project. The tool is used for:
Database Migration
SQLWays migrates an entire database including data, database schema, business logic and scripts between major database management systems. The tool supports the largest number of databases including all the leading and most legacy databases - from the latest to very old versions - and the list of supported databases and their versions is constantly growing. Supported source and target databases include Teradata, Oracle, Progress, Interbase, HP NonStop and others.
Embedded SQL/Database API Conversion
SQLWays automatically performs comprehensive assessment and migration of embedded SQL statements and database API in various applications: Java, COBOL, PowerBuilder, C++, C#/VB.NET, ESQL, ASP, ASP.NET etc. It supports conversions between ESQL, ODBC, Oracle OCI, Oracle Pro*C, Sybase CT/LIB, and other interfaces. It allows to dramatically decrease conversion risks and reduce time spent on the project.
Application Conversion
SQLWays can automatically convert applications between various platforms and programming languages. The list of source programming languages and platforms includes Progress 4GL, Informix 4GL, COBOL, PL/SQL, Oracle Forms, Delphi, Powerbuilder and others. The most popular target technologies supported by the tool are Java and C#.NET. SQLWays can also convert such parts of application as business logic, user interface and reports. The level of conversion automation can reach up to 95%.
Teradata to Oracle Express Ispirer SQLWays 6.0 Migration Tool
Teradata to Oracle Express Ispirer SQLWays 6.0 Migration Tool
Version 6.0
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